4/7/2019 - Registration of International Company

LCS (Legal Consulting and Services) is delighted to offer her clients incorporation of the companies in the jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Malta, Cyprus and in any other states with a favorable tax climate in the world, where you can find that taxes are very low and sometimes even zero, rules of company management and financial statements are simple.

The service we offer to our clients consists of the incorporation of the companies in the financial centers of the world, which are attractive by its administrative and tax privileges. Moreover, we offer to our clients a service for opening bank accounts in the financial institutions throughout the Europe and other countries, which make the business even more flexible. 

The service consists of gathering the requested documents together, arranging an apostile and notarization of the documents, registration of the company, providing clients with apostiled and notarized documents of incorporation, and in case of client’s need assisting in opening a bank account in the financial institutions.